underground landscapes

An eerie calm over the city whole. A whole of sights, sounds and smells, alien to the surface world. A whole of structure, space and artifacts, aging in the darkness. The subterranean world is the lone frontier of solitude amidst the chaos of urbanity


brooklyn, new york

The Underbelly Project (New York City) was completed in the summer of 2010 -- 18 months after creative work began in early 2009.  The abandoned host of this collection of street art, displays the work of 103 street artists from around the globe

This very limited collection of photos shares the Underbelly, 3-years later -- and represent my first passive addition to my 'Under-Exposed' collection

Freedom 26

new york, new york

This photo was awarded the 2011 City Arts Art Walk Award and was prominently featured in the following (July 2011) edition of City Arts magazine

Freedom 26 is an original part of my Under-Exposed collection -- and was collected during my first passgae through the Freedom Tunnel

Rochester RSB

rochester, new york

The Rochester Subway is New York's other subway system, and only active between 1927 and 1956.  Today, only a small segment of the original system remains, still the city of Rochester is optimistic that segment can be preserved

These photos were taken from a day of exploration beneath central Rochester - and are also my first inactive additions to my 'Under-Exposed' collection

Paris Metro

paris, france

The Paris Metro is notorious for its cavernous vaulted tunnels, and dozens of abandoned platforms and stations beneath the surface - but is also one of the oldest, busiest and densest underground metro systems in the world

These photos were taken from a single night of exploration beneath the streets of Paris, France -- and are also my first international additions to my ongoing 'Under-Exposed' collection

NYC Subway

new york, new york

The New York City Subway officially opened in 1904 -- and consists of 468 stations (in operation), 842 miles of track and 5.4 million rides per (week)day.  The majority of original network was built as an elevated system, but today 60% of the current system lies beneath the streets of
New York City

These photos were collected from a 12-block sample of track beneath Manhattan's Lower East Side -- and are part of my 'Under-Exposed' collection

Grand Central

new york, new york

The Grand Central Terminal underground consists of over 40 platforms split over two levels of tracks (67 total tracks), each extending nearly 100 blocks beneath the streets of New York City

These photos were collected from two days of exploration and occupation of the grounds beneath the Grand Central Terminal - and represent the first images as part of my 'Under-Exposed' collection

Seattle DSTT

seattle, washington

The Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel is an infrastructural anomaly, dating back to Seattle's failed bid for a federally funded subway system, which left the behind the framework for the current Transit Tunnel

In the present, the intent of each photo was to capture the redundancy of an everyday commuter fare in this underground public environment

LA River

los angeles, california

The Los Angeles River flows through a 48-mile engineered concrete channel from Canoga Park to Long Beach.  However, it more notoriously featured as race-track in films such as:  Point Break, Grease, The Italian Job, To Live and Die in LA, Gone in 60 Seconds and Drive

These photos were collected from one day beneath the City of Los Angeles - and are my first non-transit additions to my 'Under-Exposed' collection

Freedom Tunnel

new york, new york

The Freedom Tunnel served as the home to thousands
 of squatters (for half a centruy), through the mid 1990’s.  In 1995, rail service through the tunnel resumed and its residents were all forcefully evicted.  Today fewer than a dozen people still dwell within the tunnel, but remnants of their occupation still remain

These photos were collected from several independant passages through the Freedom Tunnel - and are original parts of my 'Under-Exposed' collection